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  • Where can I purchase Thomas Hayes Studio Furniture?
    To acquire Thomas Hayes Studio furniture, simply reach out to us via email at to place your order.
  • How can I request finished samples?
    Accessing our finished samples is a breeze! Visit our website and navigate to the 'available finishes tab' to place your order. Whether you desire a comprehensive bundle or prefer a customized selection, enjoy complimentary shipping with no minimums required.
  • Can I Purchase Thomas Hayes Studio Furniture without a designer?
    At Thomas Hayes Studio, we prioritize inclusivity and you do not require a designer to purchase. Feel free to connect with us directly at for all inquiries. We're dedicated to realizing your furniture aspirations!
  • Do you have stock items?
    Explore our Ready-to-Go collection, featuring handpicked pieces and sets ready for immediate purchase. Benefit from zero lead time and upholstery personally curated by Thomas, blending style with unparalleled convenience.
  • What Leather & Material do you have in stock?
    We specialize in accommodating your unique preferences through our COM/COL (customer’s own material/leather) option. While we do not offer materials ourselves, we collaborate seamlessly with COM/COL provided by clients. Additionally, we maintain stock of shearling hides for your convenience. For items featuring leather strapping or cord, explore our selection under the available finishes tab on our website. Should you have specific preferences or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • What are your lead times?
    Our typical lead time averages at 18 week from receipt of deposit and a completed order form. Please contact us via email for inquiries.
  • Can I get my order quicker than the standard lead time?
    Accelerate your order with our expedited option, cutting lead times in half for a nominal fee of 25% of the order total.
  • Can I order a custom version of a Thomas Hayes Studio piece I’m interested in?
    Thomas embraces collaboration and considers customizations on a case-by-case basis. Share your ideas or preferences with us via email at, and let's craft a unique version of your desired piece together.
  • I saw something on social media but I do not see it on your website, is it available?
    Our social media accounts will sometime show the most recent items in our line that have not had the chance to be put on the website. These items are still available, please contact us at and we can help you.
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